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Currently Outside: No Change


Wind Chill:  3.3°C
High Today
3:51 PM
Low Today
6:51 AM
Yest High
4:03 PM
Yest Low
7:13 AM
Sta* High
Sta* Low 
* This Station's Records Since 2009
Station Record Low
Dry It is Dry

Wind from SSW Wind:  SSW

Gusting to:
0.0 km/h
Current Rain Rain:
0.0 mm
At UV of:
Sunburn in
N/A Minutes
12:55 PM
Outside Now Liquid Precipitation
Dew Point: No Change -2.5°C
Humidity: No Change 66 %
Barometer: Falling 0.7 °C/hr 1005.7 hPa hPa
Wind-Chill: 3.3°C
Heat-Index: 3.3°C
Today: 0.00 mm
Yesterday: 0.00 mm
April Rain: 7.80 mm
April Avg: 4.30 mm
Diff from Avg: Over 3.5 mm for the month 3.50 mm
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Weather Forecast
Outlook Monday & Monday night
A few rain showers or flurries
A few rain showers or flurries
Max: 5°C
EC forecast: A few rain showers and flurries ending this morning then cloudy with 40 percent chance of rain showers. Wind south 30 km/h. High plus 5.
WXSIM forecast: Mostly cloudy to cloudy. Low -4°. Wind south around 8 kph.
Mainly cloudy
Mainly cloudy
Min: 0°C
EC forecast: Mainly cloudy. Wind south 30 km/h becoming light this evening. Low zero.
WXSIM forecast: Cloudy in the morning, becoming mostly cloudy in the afternoon. A slight chance of snow in the morning, then a slight chance of a mix of snow and rain in the afternoon. High 3°. Wind chill ranging from -7 to -2. Wind south around 7 kph in the morning, becoming 15 kph, gusting to 27 kph, in the afternoon. Chance of precipitation 30 percent. Precipitation (liquid equivalent) mostly less than 2 mm. No snow accumulation expected. Maximum freezing level 1400 meters above sea level. Maximum snow level 950 meters above sea level.
Mainly sunny
Mainly sunny
Max: 9°C
Tuesday night
Cloudy periods
Cloudy periods
Min: 1°C
A mix of sun and cloud
A mix of sun and cloud
Max: 10°C
Wednesday night
Cloudy periods
Cloudy periods
Min: -2°C

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